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Civic Core Downtown San Diego 92101 San Diego

Tender Greens is located at 110 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101.  Map  There are also 2 other San Diego locations; one in Mission Valley and the other in Point Loma. Tender Greens is a great fast, casual restaurant.  The food is ordered at the beginning of line.  It’s made fresh from whole ingredients daily.  You can add a drink or dessert and pay for your meal at the counter.   The meal is served cafeteria style so you take the tray to your table.  The menu includes Big Plates, Sandwiches, Big Salads and Simple Salads.

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You can see the food being prepared behind the glass.

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There’s a selection of beverages, including fresh juices and beer.  There’s also a good variety of desserts.

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The Chinese Chicken Salad is delicious.  It’s made of tatsoi, mizuna, golden pea sprouts, carrot, wontons, roasted peanuts, cilantro, green onion and sesame dressing.  Tatsoi is also known as “spinach mustard” or “spoon mustard”.  It’s a leafy green vegetable with a distinct flavor.  Mizuna is known as “water greens” or “Japanese mustard” and has a slightly spicy, peppery flavor.

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