Ray of Hope

Downtown San Diego 92101 San Diego

Yesterday was a day of reflection and calm on social media. Many chose to to show solidarity in the Black Lives Matter Movement, Justice For George Floyd, End Police Brutality, Stop Racism, Equality for All, Peace and Justice and countless other social equity issues by posting a solid black image with the hashtag #blackouttuesday.


Today, the day after #blackouttuesday, I took an afternoon walk Downtown San Diego and encountered signs of hope…

BLM Poster in storefront window
Chalk drawing of Black Lives Matter in window front
Martin Luther King, Jr. Promenade
DREAM – A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by artist Robert Salas.

The DREAM, by artist Robert Salas, is a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Five bronze hands celebrate the spirit of Dr. King’s as they silently, yet boldly speak to us with the symbols of sign language. Collectively they spell one word. It is a word that is both noun and a verb, a word that symbolizes hope and idealism, a word that reaches deep into the pockets of our humanity and creativity. The word is DREAM. This artwork was commissioned for Martin Luther King, Jr. Promenade and the citizens of San Diego through the The City of San Diego Redevelopment Agency and the Centre City Development Corporation.

DREAM by artist Robert Salas

And at the end of my walk I fortunately stumbled upon a peaceful protest at the San Diego Civic Center. Justice for George Floyd, Justice for Countless others who have perished too soon due to police brutality, Black Lives Matter, Social Change, Social Justice, Stop Racism, Stop Discrimination, Equality for All…Peace.

Peaceful BLM Protest at Civic Center
“Ray of Hope” photo of ray of sunshine shining on peaceful protest at Civic Center.

Societal changes are necessary. Signs of HOPE and CHANGE are EVERYWHERE. Peace, Justice, Strength, Prayers, Hope and Healing going forward…

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