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Queenstown Public House is located at 1557 Columbia Street, San Diego, California 92101. Map  Queenstown was an old, brown, wooden house converted into an inviting New Zealand bar and restaurant.  Queenstown serves lunch, dinner, happy hour and weekend brunch.

There’s plenty of seating outdoors and at the bar.

There’s comfy seating next to an open window.

The menu includes Family-Style Appetizers, New Zealand Favorites, Greens, Mainstays, Sides, Desserts and Weekend Brunch.

Queenstown features a large selection of craft beer and wine cocktails.  The Bloody Mary is like an appetizer itself.  It is garnished with a slice of bacon, green olives, a chunk of cheese and a hot pepper.  Delicious!

The Meso Tasty is a grilled chicken sandwich, with pineapple, sweet onion chips, swiss cheese and red pepper aioli on a focaccia bun.  It’s best paired with the Fatty Fries and wasabi dipping sauce.

The Cat’s Chili is made with ground turkey, white beans, jalapeño jack cheese, red onions and jalapeños with a side of tortilla chips.

The E-Legal is mouth-watering.  This dessert is a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie skillet topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate shavings.  A perfect end to a perfect meal.

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