Happy Arbor Day!

Balboa Park San Diego

The National Arbor Day observance takes place each year on the last Friday in April and encourages us to celebrate and plant trees. 

Trees are essential to the overall health of the planet. They protect the Earth’s topsoil from erosion and provide oxygen and homes for wildlife. As a renewable resource, trees also provide a variety of materials for building, fuel, and supplies.

Some people celebrate the holiday by planting a tree today. Others spend time caring for trees in their area. Since I live Downtown San Diego in a limited space without a yard, I usually celebrate Arbor Day by visiting local parks and taking photos of trees.

My favorite tree in San Diego, is the Moreton Bay Fig Tree in Balboa Park. These photos were taken many years ago before the fencing had to be placed around the trees for their protection. Vandals were carving into the exposed roots and pulling down branches so the fence had to go up.

Moreton Bay Fig Tree 2015 before fence was put around it for protection
Ficus macrophylla aka “Moreton Bay Fig”

For more information about the Moreton Bay Fig Tree in Balboa Park, visit https://www.balboapark.org/attractions/moreton-bay-fig-tree.

Also located in Balboa Park is the Trees For Health Garden.

Trees for Health Garden sign
Trees for Health Garden path

Here is a very short and very amateur video I just made on Quik Video. But it gives you an idea of The Trees for Health Garden at Balboa Park. https://youtu.be/C1Tit8RfMUk

For more information about the Trees for Health Garden at Balboa Park, visit http://treesforhealthgarden.org.

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