Bankers Hill NatureWalk

Bankers Hill San Diego

I love living Downtown San Diego for the ease of walking everywhere. Before the parks were closed due to the COVID-19 shutdown, I would walk to Balboa Park a couple of times a week to get my “greenery fix”. I miss the trees and nature of Balboa Park and am looking forward to when the entire park system reopens fully. However, the Bankers Hill neighborhood, right next to Balboa Park, is full of natural beauty also.

These are some photos of a few recents walks from Downtown San Diego to the base of Laurel Street, onward up the hill to Bankers Hill and back to Downtown. I wish I knew the names of various plants and flowers. Perhaps one of these days I’ll go back and research the names and add to the post.

If anyone is familiar with correct plant names, please share your knowledge. Which reminds me of the Canyoneer Hikes I’ve been on before. The Canyoneer Hikes are led by knowledgable volunteers and citizen scientists who can name all the nature on various hikes throughout San Diego County. For more information about the Canyoneers, visit The Natural History Museum website at

Pretty yellow flowers
Heading up the Laurel Street hill
Palm like plant
Fuchsia flowers
Succulents and green plant
Row of manicured trees
Yellow daisies
More succulents
Red flowers – Geranium?
Little peach and yellow flower – Peach Daylily?
“Life is Beautiful” message on utility box
Painted daffodil on utility box
Jacaranda on Laurel Street
Hob Nob Hill Restaurant
Hob Nob Hill Best Breakfast Since 1944
Beautiful Victorian Home
Beautiful home is also a business for John Ernst Certified Financial Planner
Different view of Victorian home
View from Bankers Hill towards airport
View heading back to Downtown San Diego

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